It’s only very early days for the Mates of the Murrajni, however we are excited and encouraged to acknowledge the support of the following fantastic sponsors:

Carlton and United Breweries, Redback Productions and Bronte Evans Charterd Accounts.

Bronte Evans Chartered Accountants is a complete accounting practice provided by (now Adelaide-based) long term Territorian, Bronte Evans. Bronte is actively involved in the financial well-being and taxation, succession and estate planning for many regional Northern Territory businesses. He is highly experienced in providing advice and services to the primary production sector. He is well known in both the Katherine and Central Australian regions, and is an active ‘Mate of the Murranji’. We thank him for his generous financial contribution to the establishment of this website.

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The following publications, organisations, government departments and individuals have all provided informative background and historic perspectives, and some continue to provide ongoing project support. The ‘Mates of the Murranji’ thank you:

The Murranji Track ‘Ghost Road of the Drovers’ by Darrell Lewis
‘In The Middle of Everywhere’ by Peter and Sheila Forrest
‘The Tracks of Old Bluey’ by Bobbie Buchanan
‘Daughter of the Territory’ by Jacqueline Hammar
‘The Overlanders’ by Ted Egan and Peter Forrest
‘Jones Store’ by Peter Jones
National Trust of the Northern Territory with special thanks to Malene Bjornskov, Carmen Chapple, Janet Leather and Eddie Webber
NT Heritage Branch with thanks to Director, Michael Wells
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics with thanks to Andy Roberts
TourismNT with special thanks to Stuart Ord
Historical Society of the Northern Territory
Territory Q Magazine with special thanks to Anya Lorimer
ABC Radio Darwin with special thanks to Miranda Tetlow